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One week before the country shut down, I was in Nashville participating in a workshop taught by the lovely and talented Suzy Bogguss. Then on Sunday, March 8th, I played at the Bluebird Cafe! With that incredible experience under my belt, I was ready to get out and perform more in 2020, but all of those opportunities quickly vanished. 
As they say, "When God closes a door, He opens a window." A fellow songwriter, Carol Garcia, reached out to me during the pandemic, and through that new friendship, I was introduced to a producer in Nashville, Bryan Austin Cuevas. I decided it was time to invest in myself and record some of my songs. 

Despite any uncertainty and doubt, I will continue to trust in the creative process and follow this journey wherever it takes me. Facing fear and doubt is where true transformation begins, at least that's what I keep telling myself. I've received so much encouragement and support from my family and friends. I've also met so many wonderful people in the songwriting community! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey. I am forever grateful! 

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"Kelly Williams debut album plays more like a veteran artist from a simply better time in country music. A time where the point was not that it be country but that it be real and moving and pleasurable. It’s a collection that is as pure, unaffected and refreshing as the artist herself.  I like being gracefully moved by songs. Kelly Williams does just that."

Wilder Embry
Songwriter / Music Artist

“What a great collection of songs! Kelly Williams writes from the heart
about the ups and downs of life with authentic emotions supporting every word she sings! Kelly is a great talent!”
Hayden Nicholas
Songwriter / Musician 

About the songs

Old Tin Moon

Songwriting is a mysterious process.  I was driving to church, listening to the radio, when a new song came on. I quickly glanced at the screen and saw the words tin moon before looking back to the road. When I looked again, I realized the artist's name was Niko Moon, but I have no idea how I saw the word tin. Regardless, something about the image of a tin moon stuck with me. Slowly a scene developed in my mind...a backyard with twinkling lights and an old tin moon dangling from the center. Eventually that scene turned into a summer dance in a barn and the song took off from there. I learned so much from my mentor and co-writer, Stefan Cashwell, as we worked on this song, using imagery and all of the senses to let the story unfold. It's one of my favorites, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Where The Wild Things Grow

This is not a literal telling of my childhood, but it captures the essence of growing up in my hometown. As a child, I spent my summers outside, sun up to sun down, riding bikes and playing in the woods with my brothers and neighborhood friends. It was a magical time when I felt free to be wild and adventurous. 

The Price I Pay For Loving You

One day, a good friend shared the ups and downs of her fifteen year relationship. I thought to myself, there's a price she paid for loving him. I immediately knew that was a song and by later that afternoon, I'd written two verses and the chorus. I shared it with her, and she had some great ideas for the second half of the song. I incorporated them and finished it in 24 hours. I am rarely able to finish songs that quickly. This one felt like a gift. 

Old Habits 

Songwriting is a mysterious process, and ideas often come when you least expect them. The first lines of Old Habits came to me as I drove to pick up my daughter from school.

Up at dawn again

Drinkin' coffee with a cigarette

A new habit I regret startin' this late in life...

That last line caused me to hit a wall with the song. What was it about? I couldn't figure it out. A few weeks later, I rewrote that last line, and suddenly, I had a clear image of this woman and her struggles. She'd lost her job. She was feeling alone, turning to her tried and true pick-me-ups to get her through. 

I can relate to falling back in to old habits when I'm stressed and those comforting things, good or bad, help me get through whatever I'm struggling with at the time. I hope you can relate, too. 

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Atlanta based singer-songwriter, Kelly Williams, rediscovered a piece of herself she'd packed away decades ago with her childhood guitar when she began taking lessons at the age of 40. Between carpool, laundry, and errands, Kelly began to write songs at her kitchen table.


With each song, Kelly attempts to express the emotional truth of her experiences, sometimes through the simplest, most mundane moments of daily life. Kelly believes it'’s never too late to pursue something you love. One of her songwriting teachers, Mary Gauthier, said, "...“to ignore your heart’'s desire is to ignore your creator’'s instructions."” The nagging desire to create has always been inside Kelly, and she has finally chosen to follow her creator’'s instructions to make music, hoping to inspire and move people with her melodies and words.

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