Old Tin Moon

Songwriting is a mysterious process.  I was driving to church, listening to the radio, when a new song came on. I quickly glanced at the screen and saw the words tin moon before looking back to the road. When I looked again, I realized the artist's name was Niko Moon, but I have no idea how I saw the word tin. Regardless, something about the image of a tin moon stuck with me. Slowly a scene developed in my mind...a backyard with twinkling lights and an old tin moon dangling from the center. Eventually that scene turned into a summer dance in a barn and the song took off from there. I learned so much from my mentor and co-writer, Stefan Cashwell, as we worked on this song, using imagery and all of the senses to let the story unfold. It's one of my favorites, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Where The Wild Things Grow

The Price I Pay For Loving You

This is not a literal telling of my childhood, but it captures the essence of growing up in my hometown. As a child, I spent my summers outside, sun up to sun down, riding bikes and playing in the woods with my brothers and neighborhood friends. It was a magical time when I felt free to be wild and adventurous. 

One day, a good friend shared the ups and downs of her fifteen year relationship. I thought to myself, there's a price she paid for loving him. I immediately knew that was a song and by later that afternoon, I'd written two verses and the chorus. I shared it with her, and she had some great ideas for the second half of the song. I incorporated them and finished it in 24 hours. I am rarely able to finish songs that quickly. This one felt like a gift. 

Old Habits 

Songwriting is a mysterious process, and ideas often come when you least expect them. The first lines of Old Habits came to me as I drove to pick up my daughter from school.

Up at dawn again

Drinkin' coffee with a cigarette

A new habit I regret startin' this late in life...

That last line caused me to hit a wall with the song. What was it about? I couldn't figure it out. A few weeks later, I rewrote that last line, and suddenly, I had a clear image of this woman and her struggles. She'd lost her job. She was feeling alone, turning to her tried and true pick-me-ups to get her through. 

I can relate to falling back in to old habits when I'm stressed and those comforting things, good or bad, help me get through whatever I'm struggling with at the time. I hope you can relate, too. 

Southern Comfort is one of my earliest songs, written in 2015. It started as a classic country break up song set in a bar. Over the years, it’s gone through many revisions, but when my teacher, Stefan, made the brilliant suggestion to open the song with this woman heading home to the south after her break up, we re-wrote it together. This final version really heightened the double meaning of the title. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out! 

Southern Comfort


The idea for Unglued came after talking with a fellow songwriter. He was working on a song using a metaphor of the relationship as glue. I flipped the idea and wrote this song about a girl who'd put herself back together after a breakup only to come unglued when her ex came back asking for another chance. 

One More Of Those Days

A few years ago, I was making a return at a store. Two little boys, under the age of four, were running up and down the checkout aisle, and their mom was trying to keep them under control by playing I-spy. I watched their delight, trying to find the items their mom had seen and listening to their sweet responses. I immediately thought of my girls at that age. I could see the mom's fatigue. I remembered how hard those times could be, but I desperately wished I could have one more of those days with my girls. That moment inspired this song. 

Time To Let Go

I've had two long-distance relationships in my life. This song combines a little bit from both, while taking some liberties in the story. The beauty of looking back is you can see more clearly what you should have said, and what you should have done. I decided to do that in this song. 

On The Outside Looking In

I wrote this song for my oldest daughter when she was in Middle School. It's such a difficult time for kids to figure out where they fit in socially, and often they feel like they don't. I felt that way as a kid, and there are times I still do today. This song is for everyone who has felt like the outsider. 

Mama, I Can't Thank You Enough

I wanted to give my mom a special gift for her 70th birthday, and I knew writing her a song would be the most meaningful gift I could give. It was hard finding the right place to start, but I began reflecting on moments when I wasn't at my best and how my mom loved me through them with grace and understanding. This song came pouring out of me. The message is simple but very true. 

Lowcountry Hymn

One of my favorite places is the lowcountry of South Carolina, where I grew up going to the beach. Now my parents own a home in that area, and my entire family comes together in the summers at their place. Something about the landscape, the smells and the sounds feel like a little piece of heaven on earth. I wrote this song, trying to capture that feeling.